Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a startup that makes vegan chicken and beef substitutes out of 100% plant proteins. That means you get all the meaty goodness of meat, without the meat. Weird, I know.

Brand Identity

Most vegan brands have a distinctly “Hippie” feel. For Beyond Meat to stand out and succeed, it would have to reject the tired vegan clichés and appeal to young men with a fresh take on vegan meat.  
The new Beyond Meat identity embraces themes of patriotism, masculinity, innovation, and wit, without a whiff of burlap. 

Taco Beyond

While sold to the public at grocery stores, Beyond Meat’s ultimate goal is to become a vegan offering at fast food restaurants.

Taco Beyond was an Event and Social initiative designed to get the attention of Taco Bell.

Robo Rodeo

THE WHAT?  A kick-ass rodeo featuring everything that makes rodeos great: live music, beer, food, and savage bull riding.

THE TWIST?  No animals were harmed in the making of this rodeo. The bull is robotic.

BUT HOW?  A partnership with a team of cutting-edge roboticists to create the world’s first robo-bucking-bull.

REALLY?  No. But a guy can dream, can't he?